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Why Use Internet QuikQuote?    
Using state-of-the-art technology and boasting a wealth of exclusive features, iQQ is the industry's leading software system to quote and sell point-of-sale products typically sold in connection with a loan.

iQQ incorporates live product support, several retail products, its Consumer Website, management interfaces, reporting, and a visual presentation of GAP's financial risk to the consumer.

To learn more about iQQ's exclusive, cutting-edge technology and how it will assist in increased product penetration within your financial institution, continue reading.

iQQ Sells!

Increased Sales
iQQ is proven to increase sales. Never before has it been easier to quote and sell Mechanical Breakdown Protection and Guaranteed Asset Protection products.

Integrated Solution
iQQ manages the sale of both MBP and GAP products in a single, easy to use system. iQQ also includes Credit Life, Credit Disability, and CPI Notice to Provide. All the products are integrated with a Loan Payment Calculator to provide the consumer with an accurate estimate of their total payment. This combination of tools and products in one simplified system makes iQQ a "must have" for any financial institution.

Consumer Website
This innovative feature enables your financial institution to install a link on your existing commercial website to a customized version of iQQ designed specifically for the end-consumer. This self-service interface allows consumers to educate themselves on the benefits of MBP and GAP, and to produce their own quotes 24 hours per day, 7 days a week! Access the online demo at

Live Operator Support
This valuable, convenient service provides lender staff with instant access to knowledgeable support personnel via an easy-to-use "chat" window.

Show The GAP!
This innovative feature visually illustrates the need for Guaranteed Asset Protection to the consumer. The difference between the loan balance and the vehicle's residual value is presented to the consumer by way of an animated graph.

Best Plan Determination
By answering two optional questions concerning the consumer's driving habits and expected length of vehicle ownership, iQQ helps to determine the extended warranty plan that best fits the buyer's needs.
iQQ Is Easy!

No Software Hassle
To begin using iQQ all that is needed is Internet access and a standard Browser. If you can access such sites as E-Bay or Yahoo, you can use iQQ! Try it by going to

Note: If your institution has a firewall in place, it may be necessary for your IT department to allow access to

Always Up-To-Date
iQQ is always up-to-date with current rates, plans, forms and documents. You can have confidence in knowing the quote and information provided to your patrons is accurate.

User Friendly, Intuitive Design
If you can surf the Internet, you can use iQQ immediately!

Demonstration/Training Site
iQQ allows its users to explore the functionality of iQQ without interfering with production data. This site is a mirror image of the regular production site, making it ideal for training and practicing.
iQQ Is Professional!

Tailored to Your Financial Institution
Only those products, rates, terms, forms and documents relevant to your financial institution are displayed. Your institution's logo may, at your option, appear in a prominent location in iQQ. Also, if you elect to utilize the iQQ Consumer Website, this website's colors may be chosen to appear as a compatible extension to your existing commercial website.

Professional Finishing
Quote letters, applications, and other documents are legible and professional looking.

Marketing Materials and Forms
All the supporting marketing materials, certificates and documents are accessible in iQQ. Up-to-date User Manuals and other training materials are also available.

iQQ simplifies the extended warranty quoting process with its exclusive quoting technology. The possible surcharges for a vehicle are identified in advance, thereby eliminating unnecessary surcharge combinations to pick from. Also, upon issuing the application, this iQQ verifies the quoted vehicle against its Vehicle Identification Number to ensure accuracy.

Persistent Quotations
Quotes can be saved and recalled.

Try Before You Buy
Demo Accounts can be requested to allow temporary access to iQQ. The accounts have full access to view the system capabilities and features.
iQQ Is Control!

Administrative Interface
Designated users can have privileged access to features allowing then to manage your financial institution's iQQ account. These users can configure your financial institution's branch and employee structure, as well as manage and remit payment for issued applications and compile various management and production reports.

Singular System and Paperless Process
From producing the quotes to issuing the applications to remitting payment to paying your employee incentives, iQQ provides a single resource for managing the entire lifecycle of the quoted products.

Automated GAP Crediting System
If a GAP application is cancelled after payment has been remitted, a credit will automatically be given to your institution's iQQ account. These credits are applied with your next remittance report.

Event History
The complete event history and workflow is tracked for all critical system objects, providing you with a complete audit trail. User comments can also be attached to applications or remittances at any time. These event histories also have strong benefits in maintaining system security.

User Authentication
iQQ requires users to have accounts with username and passwords to access the system. All user activity is automatically logged. Administrators have the ability to activate or deactivate and add or remove users. Administrators can monitor and audit user activity.